Up-party - SAML 2.0

FoxIDs up-party SAML 2.0 which trust an external SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP).

FoxIDs up-party SAML 2.0

It is possible to configure multiple SAML 2.0 up-parties which then can be selected by down-parties.

FoxIDs support SAMl 2.0 redirect and post bindings.

A up-party expose SAML 2.0 metadata and can be configured with SAML 2.0 metadata or by manually adding the configuration details.

Both the login, logout and single logout SAML 2.0 profiles are supported. The Artifact profile is not supported.

The FoxIDs SAML 2.0 metadata do only include logout and single logout information if logout is configured in the SAML 2.0 up-party.

How to guides:


How to configure an external SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP).

The FoxIDs up-party SAML 2.0 metadata endpoint is https://foxids.com/tenant-x/track-y/(some_external_idp)/saml/spmetadata
if the IdP is configured in tenant tenant-x and track track-y with the up-party name some_external_idp

The following screen shot show the basic FoxIDs up-party SAML 2.0 configuration available in FoxIDs Control Client. Where the configuration is created with the external IdP metadata.

More configuration options become available by clicking Show advanced settings.

Configure SAML 2.0

Manual configuration become available by disabling Automatic update.

Manual SAML 2.0 configuration

Change the issued SAML 2.0 claim collection with claim transforms.