Custom domain

Each FoxIDs tenant can be configured with a custom domain. A tenant connected to a custom domain does not include the tenant name in the URL like a tenant without a custom domain.

  • A default tenant e.g., my-tenant without a custom domain would on result in a URL like this
  • If the same tenant is connected to a custom domain e.g., the URL on would be without the tenant element.

The custom domain can be configured with Control Client in your tenants master track under Settings --> Tenant settings.

Configure reverse proxy secret

When a new custom domain is added it needs to be verified. After verification the domain is enabled in all tracks in the tenant.

Custom domains is not supported in the master tenant and master tracks.

Please also take a look at custom primary domains.

Configuring a custom domain in your tenant.

Only sub domains is supported as custom domains, like e.g.,,, or


  1. In your DNS, add a CNAME with your custom domain and the target
  2. Configure your custom domain in your FoxIDs tenants master track.
  3. Write an email to FoxIDs support ([email protected]) and ask for a custom domain verification.
  4. FoxIDs support will ask you to add one or two TXT records to your DNS for verification.
  5. After successfully verification your domain become active.

Your own private cloud FoxIDs

Custom domains is supported if the FoxIDs service is behind a reverse proxy that can do domain rewrite.
Alternatively without a reverse proxy, FoxIDs support custom domains by reading the HTTP request domain and using the domain as a custom domain if the Setting:RequestDomainAsCustomDomain setting is set to true. The FoxIDs App Service need to be configured with the custom domain in this case.

A domain is marked as verified in the master tenants master track and is thereafter accepted by FoxIDs.

All custom domains on all tenants can be configured with Control Client and Control API in the master tenants master track. Where also the domain can be marked as verified at the same time.

Configure reverse proxy secret