Email provider

FoxIDs supports sending email with SendGrid and SMTP. Both can be configured as an email provider in each environment or generally in the FoxIDs site configuration.
FoxIDs sends emails to the users for e.g., account verification and password reset.


You can either create Sendgrid in Azure or directly on Sendgrid, there are more free emails in an Azure managed Sendgrid.

Remember to setup up domain authentication in Sendgrid for the from email.

Configure email provider in environment

The email provider can be configured in each environment, where the from email address is required.
If an email provider is configured in the environment, it is used instead of any general configured email provider.

Configuring SendGrid: FoxIDs email provider - SendGrid

Configuring SMTP: FoxIDs email provider - SMTP

Configure email provider generally

The email provider can optionally be configured generally in the FoxIDs sites application settings. The from email address is required.
If both a SendGrid and SMTP email provider is configured the SendGrid email provider is used.

Configuring SendGrid with the application setting names:

  • Settings:Sendgrid:FromEmail
  • Settings:Sendgrid:ApiKey

Configuring SMTP with the application setting names:

  • Settings:Smtp:FromEmail
  • Settings:Smtp:Host
  • Settings:Smtp:Port
  • Settings:Smtp:Username
  • Settings:Smtp:Password

The SMTP connection is required to be SSL/TLS.