Environment Link

FoxIDs environments in the same tenant can be connected with environment links. An Environment Link acts mostly like OpenID Connect but it is simpler to configure and the steps it goes through is faster.

Environment Link

Environment links is fast and secure but can only be used in the same tenant. A link based on OpenID Connect connection is required if you need to jump between environments located in different tenants.

Take a look at the sample environment links configuration in FoxIDs Control: https://control.foxids.com/test-corp
Get read access with the user [email protected] and password TestAccess! then e.g., take a look at the nemlogin and Production environments.

Environment links support login, logout and single logout and it is possible to configure claim and claim transforms, logout session and home realm discovery (HRD) like all other connecting authentication methods and application registrations.

Configure integration

The following describes how to connect two environments called Environment X and Environment Y. The environment Environment X will be enabled to login with Environment Y as an authentication method.

Select in the Environment X environment in FoxIDs Control Client

  1. Select the Authentication Methods tab

  2. Click New authentication

  3. Select Show advanced

  4. Select Environment Link
    Select Environment Link authentication method

  5. Add the Name e.g., Environment X to Y

  6. Select the Environment Y environment Select Environment Link authentication method

  7. Click Create

That's it, you are done.

Your new authentication method Environment X to Y can now be selected as an allowed authentication method in the application registrations in you Environment X environment.

You can find the application registration Environment X to Y in the Environment Y environment where authentication method(s) can be selected.